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Alec's House Rules

Alec’s Story

Hi, I’m Alec. My digital teaching began unexpectedly in 1999 when I shared my email as a speaker at Search Engine Strategies, to a room of frustrated marketers. I’ve since spoken at countless marketing conferences and taught classes at three universities. As an entrepreneur with eight ventures, including four successes and four learning experiences, I bring real-world expertise to my classes and clients.

During the pandemic, my classes at UNH and emails got flooded by businesses and marketers who needed to make digital work that week.

My focus is to help fellow entrepreneurial marketers take action.

Real People and Resources you’ll Use

MA is different because we’ve personally spoken with hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers to get a sense of the issues they (and you) face.

These are resources they asked for from UNH classes and clients, but they’re time savers you will actually use. ✨

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THE Mission

To inspire Marketers and Business Owners to take action via easy-to-use resources, giving you the confidence to master the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Our promise:

Take the ‘Daunting’ out of ‘Digital’

Inspire you to weekly action

Give you resources to master digital marketing

Why Now?

I see students confounded 🤷‍♀️ by conflicting gurus and the marketing fad of the week. You don’t need another failed🚨 digital marketing project. Find your marketing superpower and use it each week.

What do you get:

Information, inspiration, to take action weekly

Guest features and products that bring you value

Multiple views and options so you can figure out what works for your unique business