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Marketing AI Courses

Learn the fundamentals of Robot-Powered Marketing.

Benefit from a personalized experience with small class sizes, allowing for interactive sessions, hands-on activities, and tailored insights relevant to your organization.


What Students are Saying About the Course


Marketing Exec

"The overview of different AI tools was so helpful - with so many tools out there, it can be hard to know which tools are best for different tasks.

Alec did a great job of giving examples & context for the different tools we explored."

Marketing Manager

"Learning specific names of the applications that are around really helped me.

Then seeing them in action in real-time with real-world examples made the learning curve way easier."

Small Business Owner

"It was so useful touring different AI platforms with peers.
In particular, reviewing the spreadsheets that Alec has put together in order to ease the input process has saved me so much time in learning how to do this from scratch."

Digital Marketer

"The automation and spreadsheets were a game-changer.

I feel comfortable with the AI tools available, now I just want to pick a few and put them to work!"

What You'll Learn In this Marketing AI Course



Delve into the exciting realm of artificial intelligence for marketing, featuring tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney (images), and Descript (video).


Text Generation

Master AI text tools such as ChatGPT and for crafting compelling website copy, Ad copy, SEO-optimized content, and frameworks for tool selection.


Image Creation

Create captivating images effortlessly using tools like Dall-E-3, Midjourney, and others for advertisements, emails, and websites.


Video Editing

Utilize Descript to transform a raw Zoom recording into three pieces of usable content in under an hour, showcasing AI's efficiency in video production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI Marketing) is leveraging customer data and AI concepts like machine learning to anticipate your customer’s next move and improve the customer journey. It involves using complex algorithms to predict consumer behavior and provide personalized content, recommendations, or automated responses. This can lead to more successful marketing strategies and campaigns. If you’re interested in building AI marketing skills, you should focus on understanding data analysis, machine learning, predictive modeling, and customer relationship management systems. Also, familiarize yourself with AI marketing tools and platforms that can help you automate and optimize your marketing efforts.‎

The Marketing AI Course is perfect for small business owners and marketers wanting to learn how to run their own ads online.

Marketers who see courses as a tool and investment, and will actually use it.

Action-oriented marketers who don’t allow themselves to make excuses that keep them from moving forward.

Alec’s Marketing AI Course is best suited for beginners. It’s his Intro course where he takes you through the basics of what’s involved in running successful ad campaigns. Smaller classes mean you can work at your own pace, whatever that may be!

Around 64% of marketing professionals in the US say they use AI tools in some form in their jobs, but the purpose and level of integration can vary widely.

So, how are they using it? Our research found that the top three uses of AI in digital marketing are:

  1. Data analysis/reporting (used by 40% of marketers)
  2. Research, like market research or summarizing articles (39% of marketers)
  3. Content creation (38% of marketers)

Absolutely, here are a few of the most popular ways AI will help your small business:

  1. Website build;
  2. Optimising UX;
  3. Targeting emails;
  4. Building brand identity;
  5. Writing content;
  6. Creating marketing copy;
  7. Targeting digital ads;
  8. Analysing SEO keywords;
  9. Moderating content;
  10. Personalising chatbots;
  11. Creating videos; and
  12. Streamlining market research.

…to name a few.

Absolutely. The course is broken into a few key segments. Without giving too much away, both image and text generation are key categories in Alec’s AI marketing course!

We’re keeping it transparent. There are a TON of AI resource recommendations in this course. As a starting point, check out Alec’s article on the top AI marketing tools to use. He’s broken it into both paid and free segments!

*new* Advanced Marketing AI Course

Harness the Latest Tools on the Market and Get Them Firing For Your Business or Organization.


What You'll Learn Inside Alec's *Latest* AI Course



Dive into an immersive, hands-on journey exploring real-world Marketing AI case studies. Witness AI tools in action through interactive sessions and live demonstrations.



Navigate and choose the right AI tools tailored to your marketing needs, empowering you to make informed decisions in your marketing strategies.



Master the art of seamlessly integrating advanced AI into existing marketing workflows, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.



Learn to transform text data at scale, gaining valuable skills to handle and leverage large amounts of textual information efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Alec’s advanced AI course is perfect for small business owners who do their own marketing and are quickly growing.

Marketers looking to level up their work flow.

Action-oriented marketers who don’t allow themselves to make excuses that keep them from moving forward.

If you’re just starting out on your ai journey then this advanced ai course is probably not for you. This course is better suited to student’s who have already completed Alec’s marketing AI course, as well as more seasoned ai users.

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