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It’s been great to use the MarketingAlec AI guides as I ramp up some of the more monotonous tasks I’ve got on my schedule. These guides have taken so much of the guess work out of choosing what AI apps to start with.

— Timothy Rogers, Digital Marketer & Business Owner

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MarketingAlec helped me realize my unique marketing superpower is social media. It’s what I love doing the most, and so I’m going for it. I’ve a lot more confidence now and our business socials are picking up.

— Maggie Outridge, Founder of ST ARGO

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When I think about it, I realize my business superpower was email marketing. We drove a lot of sales through email marketing and it put my passion project business on the map. It got to the point that I was able to successfully sell it.

Jed Crystal, Founder of Hepper

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