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MA Lessons Edition - Why You Need More Testing for Marketing Success


📖 Lesson 1: Importance of Data-Driven Marketing 

When you need marketing results immediately, it’s too easy to run to your go-to marketing activities and channels.

This is a MISTAKE that has cost me millions 👀 in wasted Ad spending.

A better way is to:

a. review your data;

b. review your competitor’s campaigns;

c. look to Google Trends; and 

d. find current insights to draft off of. 


Your consumer has grown, the economy has changed, competitors have updated channels and moved spending, and most importantly, the algorithms at Google, Amazon, and Meta have been updated thousands of times. 🔂

If you let the ghost of the past drive your current marketing, you are operating at a significant marketing disadvantage.


Using AI to Check your Winning Creatives


📖 Lesson 2: Role of AI in Marketing Creatives

Google and Meta are using AI every day to pick your winning creatives. Are you?

AI is a force multiplier. You will never have enough designers, video editors, and copywriters to A/B/n test creatives in every marketing channel. Even when I was working for some of the largest brands on the planet with the resources, there was the harsh reality of what could get the boss’ approval…

Use AI to create your B, C, D versions and come equipped to the modern marketing fight 👊

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📖 Lesson 3: Channel-Specific Marketing Testing 

We all have a favorite channel we are biased toward (I love PPC and search intent).

What you test in a visual medium, such as TikTok, it translates less to your shopping feeds in PPC. You need to design your testing for the channel at hand, not generically. Measurement makes the marketer, and different channels inherently give us additional insights.

Measurement Makes the Marketer Lesson 3


While it’s easy to measure a generic metric, like CTR or engagement across campaigns, push to think about what you measure at the start of your customer’s buying journey vs the bottom or end.


Check out our customer ‘tornado’ journey resource

📖 Lesson 4: Economic Impacts on Marketing

Fuel prices rise, and pandemics happen.

In general, economists are (ahem) horrible at predicting economic trends, so why do we think we will be any better at predicting consumer behavior? Testing is the only solution to the increased volatility and speed of the modern world. Iterate your testing every two weeks to find the right discount vs an assumption that discounts don’t work for your brand.

TikTok, YouTube, and modern media move incredibly fast. Don’t get stuck. Test where your customer is today rather than where they were

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📖 Lesson 5: Improving Campaign Efficiency with Testing

Every marketing campaign can be better.

The question is how? What lowers the cost of conversion? Testing every two weeks determines the long bars of leverage vs the distractions of trends.

In a world where Google and Meta are improving 4,000 to 5,000+ times a year, can you afford not to test?

Every Marketing Campaign can be Better. Don't stop testing.

👊Take Marketing Action:

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Step 2: Watch more about testing for Marketing

Google Adwords Testing


Facebook Ad Testing


SEO Testing


Landing Pages


Step 3: Review the tools we use for testing

Off to Test,



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