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Your Business Superpower

Most marketers get bogged down in the tactics instead of trusting in their marketing superpower. Or worse still, they haven’t identified their superpower yet…

Finding your Marketing Superpower is important.

It’s so important that we’re dedicating our first-ever article to superpowers. It’s tempting, as a business owner or marketing manager, to tackle it all, but the truth is that you simply can’t.

Great Alec! But what do I do? Simple. You find your main brand strength, your superpower, and you stay 100% authentic to using that power.

I have made the mistake of ‘trying to do it all’ countless times. From big brands like MTV, where I learned the power of a Brand, to the start-up where I helped blow $20 million out the door with little result. 😭

Don’t waste time on another pointless Digital Marketing Strategy.

Instead, be πŸ’― clear on your differentiated Digital Marketing Superpower. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ



The world is moving faster today than yesterday.

Don’t spend weeks or GASP 🚨 months formulating an already outdated Marketing Strategy.

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This is a heresy from a former Chief Strategy Officer that worked with 90 of the world’s most significant consumer goods brands. I spoke on stage in front of thousands, demanding you have a clear Digital Strategy. 🀯

I was wrong. Testing what actually works with 250+ businesses, you learn that simpler is better. Teaching, advising, and running a digital agency for the last ten years has shown me your brand needs a simpler ‘True North’. For you. For your team. For your customers. 🧭

πŸ’†πŸΌβ€β™€οΈTry This: Swap Strategy for SUPERPOWER

Answer this: What is My #1 Marketing Superpower?Β 

Then Ask: Why me?

You only get one superpower not 5. Consumer attention is measured in seconds and decreases every day. ⏲️ The recommended Instagram reel play time? 7 seconds. 🀯 Make sure your message is clear (and quick)!

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Your Superpower then informs everything you do. As Seth Goodin famously said:

Seth Goodin Quote


πŸ€” How does your brand USE a Superpower?


    • Superpower is your Marketing Why Us?! / Purpose

    • How is the way your Superpower shows up in the world

    • What products or services do you sell?

Golden Circle


πŸ©πŸ‘€ Superpower Case Study

A recent example of this, is the rapidly growing Aussie pet brand, St Argo. I’ve been helping them with an SEO strategy, and a few marketing roadblocks, when they realized that COLOR 🌈is their Brand Superpower. In channeling their SEO focus into blogs and keywords relevant to their brand’s specific colors, they have been able to better analyze their SEO efforts.

ST ARGO Case Study


Life got easier for the ST ARGO team when they could build social, SEO, media, and products around their Superpower of Color. There are many pet collars in the world, but there is only one ST ARGO that has the perfect color for your fashionable furry friend, after all. 😎

🦸🏼 With great digital marketing power comes great responsibility, so focus!

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I still love strategy; if you are a large multinational and can hire Wolff Olins, go for it but then again that’s how I blew $20 Milllion dollars out the door. In today’s fast-moving world of digital marketing, Superpowers are better for the rest of us.Β πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ And maybe Hyatt too?

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