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Jack Schrupp speaks openly about the battle to bring out a new product during the pandemic, and his SEO marketing hack.

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Jack Schrupp

With incredibly high organic traffic across his website, which, by the way, is in a very competitive industry, Drink Wholesome founder, Jack Schrupp, talks tactics, starting a new brand and pivoting his sales strategy amidst a pandemic.

MA: So, what led you to start your own business?

JS: I started selling in early 2020. I was an athlete and training and I needed to take protein shakes but they always made me feel crappy.

MA: So it came about from a personal need?

JS: Yeah. I wasn’t looking to start a business. I mean I really liked my job at the time. I was a teacher at a boarding school and I really loved that. But yeah I just had a passion for creating a more natural product. I made it for myself and it helped me, so I thought it could probably help others, too.

MA: And what was your goal when you started actually selling the product?

JC: Well it was a really slow start. USA shut down because of Covid, obviously. I originally planned to take it retail-centric. But everything was shut. So I had to pivot and start my own ecommerce site as everyone was shopping online. 

MA: And you kept working as a teacher during this blow up period, right?

JC: Yeah, I officially quit July 1st of this year, yeah so three and a half years after launching.

MA: Good for you. So was there like a WOW moment or turning point for Drink Wholesome? Is that what inspired you to quit and take it full time?

JC: No. It’s been a slow burn. No big moment for us. 

MA: That’s so similar to other brand owners we’ve talked to. It’s a common thread I think. 

JC: Yeah. It’s just been grinding and head down and a genuine passion for the product. 

MA: Let’s talk marketing. What’s your experience?

JC: None. I was a teacher. I taught myself everything.

MA: Totally DIY. Love it. So what do you put the success of Drink Wholesome down to, from a marketing standpoint?

JC: SEO definitely. Like we get 99% of traffic organically through our blogs. 

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MA: And what made you choose SEO as your main angle?

JC: It’s the nature of my business. People are using search engines to ask for product recommendations. And my product is something specific for gut issues. So if I can just get my product in front of people asking these questions, it’s as close to a sure thing as I can get, I think.

MA: SEO is such a daunting concept to a lot of business owners. Like it’s not usually the first thing they do. So you’re definitely unique in that way.

JC: Yeah like I’m not a big subscriber, I don’t send a ton of emails to my customers and I hate social media. Plus paid advertising I just kind of feel like the only winners are big corporations running them. SEO is something I can control.

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MA: Definitely a unique point of view. Love it. What’s your SEO or blog posting strategy?

JC: Well I aim to post a blog a week. SEO is a slow burn organic strategy. You post an article and it’s not immediate like paid ads or social media. But then it accumulates over time and you look at your web traffic and realize, oh wow, I’m getting, you know, 50 visits a day from this article I posted two months ago. It’s weird. 

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MA: You do research obviously, on what you’re going to kind of write about?

JC: Yeah 100% it’s based all on researching key words to target and looking at customer intent. My hack is writing an article with fewer than 20 searches per month.

MA: What?!

JC: Yeah. It means I’m not up against competitors bidding for keywords that are super difficult to rank for. And it means these people are searching for something so specific, if they see my brand, they’re bound to purchase because it’s directly answering their need and intent.

MA: Genius.

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