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Need to upskill your team in 2024? You’re in luck! The landscape is teeming with free courses that can catapult your expertise without denting your wallet. This year-end list rounds up the best free digital marketing courses so you can be ready for 2024. These courses are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing landscape, covering areas like SEO, PPC, email marketing, and social media strategies. You’ll discover top-notch training from reputable organizations, all designed to sharpen your skills.

How We Chose the Best Online Marketing Courses 🏆

When searching for the best online marketing courses, you’re faced with a plethora of choices. Our focus as a paid digital marketing teacher was on courses that provide substantial value without dipping into your funds—those instances where “free” truly means free.

MA- Quality Courses Checklist

What we look for as a teacher in Quality Courses:

  • Check for Accreditation: Accredited courses like those from Google Digital Garage, LearningSEO, and our own UNH. 
  • Instructor Credentials: Look for courses taught by recognized experts, with substantial real-world experience, who are actively involved in the topic and not just writing blogs about it. 
  • Curriculum Relevance: Ensure the course curriculum is updated regularly to keep pace with today’s algorithms (which change 4,000-5,000 times a year)
  • Peer Reviews: Courses on platforms like Coursera and Udemy feature user ratings and reviews, providing insight into the user experience.
  • Practical Components: High-quality courses often include practical, hands-on projects that allow you to apply learned concepts to real-world scenarios.
  • Resources you can use: Downloads, Frameworks, Cheatsheets, and resources that make it easy to take action.

The ideal curriculum should cover a wide spectrum, from fundamentals of digital marketing to more sophisticated tactics and strategies. We prioritized programs that offer comprehensive training, equipping you with a toolkit that’s both broad and deep. This includes a range of free digital marketing courses designed to cater to both beginners and experienced marketers looking to upskill.

We took into account user feedback and success stories. Reviews and testimonials provide insights into how these free digital marketing courses have propelled careers forward, offering real-world evidence of their impact. 

Free Content Marketing Courses 💗

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Courses


Hubspot – Inbound Digital Marketing Course ↩️

Your search for knowledge without tapping into your budget leads you straight to the Hubspot Academy. Here, you’ll discover the Inbound Digital Marketing Course, renowned for turning novices into skilled content marketers.

Recommended For those wanting a deep dive into inbound methodologies, this course suits beginners and intermediate marketers. Given Hubspot’s prestige in content marketing, you’re in for a cutting-edge learning experience.

With no prerequisites, you’ll start on an even playing field with all aspiring learners. Expect to cover the full spectrum of inbound marketing, from attracting to delighting customers. Interactivity is the name of the game, with Hubspot’s platform offering an engaging blend of videos and practical exercises.

Earmarking around 6 hours to complete the course might seem like a significant commitment, but think of it as a strategic investment in your marketing prowess. Your course duration will vary depending on how vigorously you engage with the material and if you opt to tackle additional projects or assessments.

Why We Like This Course: It’s not every day you come across a course that not only covers the essentials but also imparts knowledge on how to seamlessly integrate inbound strategies into your marketing mix. The tools and techniques you’ll learn here are not just theoretical; they’re the same tried-and-tested methods Hubspot uses to drive 17 Million monthly unique visits!

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Free Email Marketing Courses 📧

Email Marketing Courses We Recommend


Navigating the world of email marketing doesn’t have to deplete your resources. With a slew of free courses available, you’re poised to sharpen your skills without straining your wallet. Hubspot Academy’s Email Marketing Certification Course leads the charge with a comprehensive curriculum tailored to both novices and seasoned professionals. You’ll delve into segmentation, email design, analytics, and optimizing your email campaigns.

When it’s the effectiveness of your email tactics that’s on the line, Brevo Email Marketing Course joins the fray as a formidable ally. This course empowers you with the ability to craft impactful, reader-friendly emails that resonate with your target audience. Courtesy of Sendinblue, a platform celebrated for its email marketing prowess, the course is more than a goldmine—it’s practical knowledge served on a silver platter.

Google Digital Garage’s Digital Marketing Course, which includes lessons focusing on how email marketing fits into a broader digital strategy. This multi-faceted approach ensures that you’re not only proficient in email marketing but also adept at integrating it within your overall digital marketing efforts.

  • Hubspot Academy Email Marketing Course Highlights:
    • 9 lessons
    • 31 videos
    • 9 quizzes
    • 3:54 hours of Email Lessons
  • Brevo Email Course Features:
    • 8 Modules
    • 1 Certification
    • 62 Questions
    • 63 Videos
    • 4 eBooks
    • 2 Hours of Beginner Email Lessons
  • Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:
    • Take a business online 4 Modules
    • Make it easy for people to find a business on the web – 5 Modules
    • Reach more people – 7 Modules
    • Reach more customers with advertising – 4 Modules including Email
    • Track and measure web traffic – 3 Modules
    • Sell products or services online – 2 Modules.
    • Take a business global – 1 Modules
    • 1 Certification

Remember that these courses come with a certificate upon completion, adding that extra layer of recognition to your professional profile. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into email marketing or are looking to reinforce your existing skills, these free digital marketing courses carve the path for your online marketing ascent. Harness the power of every click-through and open rate; after all, in the bustling realm of digital marketing, email remains a stalwart tool in your arsenal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Courses 🌐

Investing time in SEO can dramatically improve your online visibility and drive organic traffic to your website. Understanding this, the next phase of your journey into free digital marketing courses explores SEO deeply. You’ll uncover courses that not only explain the basics but also dive into more sophisticated tactics that can give you an edge over the competition.

LearningSEO by Aleyda Solis

It is our number one FREE resource to learn SEO. We recommend it to every digital marketing class we teach at UNH and countless marketing teams we chat with. 

Why do we love it? ❤️

It is organized to take action and has SEO resources for every type of learning style, from videos, to Google Sheets.

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Its well thought out with viewpoints from a variety of experts so you can figure out what makes sense for you and your organization. 

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Other Free SEO course we recommend:


Social Media Marketing Courses 👍

Solidifying Social Media Skills Courses


When venturing into the world of digital marketing, solidifying your social media marketing skills is crucial. Among these, social media marketing courses we love for their relevance in today’s AI driven landscape.

Meta – Blueprint

Diving into Facebook – Blueprint is like hitting the jackpot if you’re aiming to master the basics of Facebook and Instagram. This extensive library of online digital marketing courses teaches everything from crafting compelling content to running ads that convert. By signing up, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge designed by the creators of one of the most influential social media platforms.

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Facebook Blueprint offers a Meta Blueprint Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certification, which is especially relevant if you’re looking to bolster your credentials. This free digital marketing certificate is widely recognized and can enhance your professional profile.

But Facebook Blueprint isn’t just about certification. You’ll learn the ropes of Content Strategy and Social Media Advertising with a focus on practical skills like optimizing your Facebook News Feed presence. Plus, by leveraging Facebook Blueprint, you tap into advanced strategies for audience targeting, ad campaigns, and page analytics—skills that are indispensable for today’s digital marketers.

The Meta Blueprint marketing courses for businesses offer versatile solutions regardless of your expert level. These classes include instructions in multiple languages and cover the fundamentals of bringing your business online.

Interactive resources such as downloadable written materials and hands-on video lessons lead you through social media benchmarks and analytics.

Other Free Social Courses we Recommend:

Google Analytics Online Courses 📏

Google – Google Analytics on SkillShop

Google stands out with its free Analytics courses. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to learn Google Analytics 4 as they sunset Universal Analytics in July of 2023.

GA4 Course Modules


YouTube Marketing Online Courses 📹

Youtube Markerting


There’s no denying that YouTube is a behemoth in the world of online video, with billions of users eagerly consuming content daily. Harnessing this platform’s power can skyrocket your marketing reach, and with the right online digital marketing courses, you’ll be equipped to craft a compelling YouTube strategy.

Free YouTube Courses:

What’s fantastic about these free digital marketing courses is their accessibility. Whether you’re a business aiming to expand your digital footprint or an individual looking to boost your skills, there’s a course that fits your needs. You could be designing custom thumbnails one day and mastering the art of video SEO the next. Plus, since many of these courses offer a certificate upon completion, you can demonstrate your proficiency in YouTube marketing to potential employers or clients, adding a valuable edge to your portfolio.

Online Branding Courses 💈

Online Branding Courses


In your journey to master the art of digital promotion, don’t just stop at the channels you love. There are many elements to a successful brand.

Three courses we recommend:

TikTok Marketing Online Courses 🤩

In an era where video reigns supreme, understanding TikTok’s ecosystem is invaluable for digital marketing strategies. Free digital marketing courses that zero in on TikTok marketing offer a cost-effective way to tap into this vibrant social media platform’s potential. By investing 10-15 hours into a course like this, you’re well-equipped to navigate the nuances of short-form video content and leverage them for your brand’s growth.

Three courses we recommend:

Other FREE Courses Alec loves:

We hope you enjoyed our favorite free course resources, and we would love to see you in one of our hands-on Digital Marketing classes at UNH in 2024!

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