Image Cover for Article Your No-BS-Guide-To Creating an Ad in Canva

  So you’ve created a unique image using Alec’s AI image creation guide. 
  Now to apply this image to an ad, and convert!

As a small business owner and non-graphics specialist, my app of choice is Canva. I use Canva DAILY for ad creation, and after using it for four years, it’s safe to say I know the ins-and-outs of this incredibly easy-to-use app. 

When it comes to creating ads, it’s important that you verify a couple of things before you start creating your ad…

Firstly – what platform is the ad for?

This is relevant because different platforms have different design specs. 

Here are the specs for some common platforms /ads:

Meta (Instagram and Facebook): Square (1080 x 1080 px)

Google Banner: 468 x 60

Google Small Square: 200 x 200

Pinterest: 1000 x 1500 


💡 Pro-Tip: px = pixels. Canva also has the capacity to size in terms of inches, and cm’s.

Secondly – what is your ad trying to do?

This is relevant for copy. Specifically, for your CTA (call to action). I recommend ALL ADS have a clear CTA. It is essentially encouraging the desired action of your consumer/audience. Without this, there really is no point wasting your time (or money) on running an ad!

Some Common CTA’s

📩 For Email Sign-Up: Subscribe Here

💻 For E-Com: Shop Now!

🏎️ For Encouraging Traffic: Check out our range here

💸 For Sales: Shop the EOFY Sale

Now that you’ve defined a few important factors, it’s time to dive into Canva and get creating! 

Here’s my step-by-step guide to using Canva…

1️⃣ Step One: Account Setup

Go to Canva’s website and sign in with your existing account or create a new one if you haven’t already.
Canva is FREE for individuals, however, if you are using it regularly, I recommend the Pro Plan. This allows you to unlock countless features (AI being among them), as well as lots more graphics, fonts etc. 

💡Pro-Tip: Price of a Pro Membership: $13USD / month

2️⃣ Step Two: Choose a Design Type

On the Canva homepage, click on “Create a Design” and then select the type of ad you want to create. Canva offers various templates for different ad formats like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, posters, flyers, presentations – anything you want!

💡Pro Tip: You can also select ‘custom size’ and size according to your specific needs.


3️⃣ Step Three: Customize Your Design

Canva’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to customize your ad. You can change text, colors, fonts, images, and more by simply clicking on the element you want to edit and using the editing tools that appear.

💡Pro Tip: Upload your brand guide on Canva so you always have your brand logo, imagery, fonts and colors.


Customize Your Design


4️⃣ Step Four: Add Your Content

Replace the placeholder text and images in the template with your own content. If you need to upload your own images or logos, you can do so by clicking on the “Uploads” tab in the left sidebar.

At this point you will be adding your AI imagery. 

Start by going to ‘Upload’ on the left hand side of the page. You can drag and drop the image here. Wait for it to fully load before using.


Add Your Content


5️⃣ Step Five: Enhance Your Design

Canva offers a range of additional elements like illustrations, icons, shapes, and stickers that you can use to enhance your ad. 

Browse through these elements and drag them onto your design canvas as needed.

This is when your subscription really kicks in. With no-holes-barred access to all Canva has to offer, there are INFINITE possibilities for creating your ad…

💡 Pro Tip: Adding emoji’s is a great way to add personalisation and character to your designs. And you’re in luck – Emoji app is just one of the cool apps Canva has!


Enhance Your Ad Design


6️⃣ Step Six: Preview and Adjust

Once you’re satisfied with your ad design, preview it to see how it will look. Make any final adjustments as needed to ensure everything looks perfect.

7️⃣ Step Seven: Download or Share Your Ad

When you’re happy with your ad, click on the download button in the top right corner to download it to your computer. 

Here, you can select how many pages of your design to download (if it’s a slideshow or carousel), as well as compressing the file!

Alternatively, you can also share your ad directly from Canva by clicking on the “Share” button and choosing the sharing option you prefer.


Download Ad


Now you’re all ready to go!

If you’ve found Canva handy, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.
If you’re struggling with it, we’d love some feedback on how we can help you tackle this app for your digital marketing needs. 

If you missed our article on AI image creation, it’s here.

If you’re a visual person watch the video below.